China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd, Ogranak, Beograd

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Under China Energy Engineering Group Cop., Ltd, Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPCO) has been found since 1964. It is a construction enterprise mainly specializing in electric power construction with construction, installation, commissioning, repairing and maintenance as a whole. TEPCO has acquired the qualifications such as Class I Electric Power Construction General Contractor, Class I Civil Works General Contractor, Class I High-rise Structure Contractor, Class A Commissioning Qualification, Civilian Nuclear Pressure Equipment Part Installation License and Class Ⅱ NDE Contractor. Furthermore TEPCO has also acquired the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Qualification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Qualification, ASME Manufacturing Permission Certificate and Occupational Safety and Health Management System Qualification (OSHMS). TEPCO has successfully been listed one of the Top 100 Enterprises of Tianjin and one of the Top 500 National Building Enterprises.

TEPCO has successively undertaken, changed and expanded more than 40 large and medium scale power plants and the total installation capacity has made breakthrough with exceeding 40,000 MW. In china, TEPCO footprint has been spread to 28 provinces (including cities and autonomous regions), not only having construction in china, TEPCO also has undertaken international electric power projects in many countries in the world, such as in India, Sudan, Vietnam, Belarus, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries.

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